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Hi Everyone,


Thought I'd update my blog and let you guys know what's going in my life and career at present. I get asked so many questions on Twitter that its easier to write to you all at once.


I'm sure most of you know I decided to stop Glamour Modelling about 2 years ago. That's not to say I didn't enjoy it or appreciate the work I got from it, I just felt I had done enough. I featured on every lads mag cover here in the UK numerous times and also a few in Australia and America. I have been extremely lucky and I'm extremely grateful, however I have been acting since I was 14 years old and that's my passion. It's what I feel most comfortable doing and (hopefully) I'm bloody good at it too!!! ;)   I feel at home on set and I love meeting and working with new cast and crew members, learning my lines and reading scripts. I love the excitement of auditioning and the anticipation of waiting for the call from my agent on whether I have or haven't got the gig. I love being on stage (apart from opening night when I'm nervous beyond belief) and I love the rehearsal period before a show. Getting to learn so much from great actresses like I did in Calendar Girls was amazing. I love being able to play different characters. I always have done since I was about 5!  Being a Glamour Model took all of the above away from me and gave the majority of people the wrong impression of me. Casting directors and producers failed to believe I was serious about acting (and rightly so!) I was also being judged by the public as a party girl who dates footballers. Don't get me wrong, I was and I did... But that was 9 years ago when I was aged 18-22! Along with 99% of people that age, I had fun (and I've got the embarrassing pictures to prove it!!!) #cringe!!!! BUT I have grown up and a lot has changed in my life.

Relationship-wise im 4 years in to a fantastic one and I live In the countryside in South Yorkshire. I'm still a Bury Lass at heart and as my family and best friends are still there I'm always popping over for a brew and a catch up, and of course, mum's cooking! My family is the most important aspect of my life. My mum and my sister mean everything to me, especially since losing my dad, David, to Heart Disease 10 years ago.

Contrary to popular belief my dad is NOT Mr Bean... Although I find this rumour hillarious as I'm a huge fan and so was my dad. It even got me a free upgrade on holiday once!

Career-wise I'm thankfully heading in the right direction. 2 years ago I sat with my agent and we planned where we wanted to be and so far we've been on track. I'm currently in BBC Casualty as a new paramedic Tamzin and I love it. I get to work with a great team and I literally laugh until my stomach hurts most days. I've shot 3 British films so far: 'How To Stop Being A Loser', a comedy where i played an obsessive, controlling girlfriend; 'Airborne', which is a horror where I got to play the baddie; and 'NightWolf', a werewolf horror where I literally blow my own head off! Also unbeknown to most, I've made a name for myself in Bollywood and in November I'm flying to Switzerland to finish a Bollywood movie called Fever. I start another one in the new year too but that's filmed in Goa and New York (Hello Macy's!) I've also shot my first American movie called The Dyatlov Pass Incident. I filmed it on location in Russia for 2 months and its out next year. It was directed by Renny Harlin who made Die Hard and Cliff Hanger so I was thrilled to be cast in it. It's looking amazing in the edit, I'm sure you will love it! I was  approached last year by a lovely guy called AJ too who happens to be an agent out in LA. After many Skype conversations and trips out there i decided to sign up with him for representation and I've since been on tape 7 times for productions out there (3 of which I made it to the final 2 and one of which I'm still waiting on). Myself and my UK agent Becca are flying to LA late November for meetings with directors out there. I did a video game called Command And Conquer Red Alert 3 out in Hollywood and thankfully they liked me so its all systems go! I'm also im the middle of filming a comedy pilot called Training Daze. Its written by a mate of mine, Rob who used to be in Hollyoaks and it'll hopefully get picked up and be commissioned. A few have asked why I've not gone back to Hollyoaks and I've been flattered that they've enquired about me going back, but I'm really enjoying playing new roles and facing new challenges.


In my spare time I have voice training in both American and Standard English. I'm well aware that I sound like Fred Eliot at times being a Northerner so I'm training to soften my accent for certain roles... Hoooow Knoooow Brooooon Coooow! You get the gist??? Im also bang into health and fitness and make it part of my day to train hard for 45 minutes and cook a good hearty healthy meal. I eat extremely well and i eat a lot of the right stuff to fuel my body. I do body pump, cardio, max interval, plyometrics and kickboxing 6 times a week. On the 7th day I rest and eat pizza and chips (even God had a 7th day).

I'm so grateful to have you all supporting me, writing this is like therapy, ha! I love my life and the people in it and I couldn't  be happier. THANK YOU!!! Lots of Love, Gem xxxx

PS. I've been asked many times about Facebook so I'm going to set up a Facebook fan page. It will be called Gemma Atkinson Official Fan Page and I'll update my blogs on there.... Xxx